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Marijuana is the dried leave and seeds of the plant cannabis. This psychoactive drug is one of the most used drugs in the united states and has a very high consumption rate all over the world. Not only is it taken as a drug but is also a very potent analgesic in the medical field.

Marijuana can be bought legally or illegally, depending on the country’s laws. However, we will focus on something that is common in both which is the conversion rates! Since it is a costly drug and even a little amount can give you the desired results. Thus it is essential for you to know the conversion rates and the basics of marijuana. This will make sure that what you are buying is full value for money and will also keep the vendors from fooling you concerning the quality and quantity of marijuana.

This article will primarily focus on the conversion rates, but we will also discuss the things/ conditions that you have to keep in mind while taking it. So, if you’re a beginner, you would definitely need to know the following basics about marijuana and its intake, however, if you are here just for the conversions, scroll down to our fourth heading which simplifies the conversion and also helps you practically relate the weight to the number of joints that you can make from it!  

Different ways of taking marijuana

Marijuana is consumed in the form of liquid, smoke or ingested as solids. To list a few common practices; joints, bongs, blunts, vaporizers and pot brownies.

Joints are hand-rolled cigarettes filled with marijuana. These are less potent than bongs and don’t have an active filter, so you end up inhaling smoke along with the active ingredient. These, however, are very popular amongst the young generation as it is easy, cheap and you can prepare a roll anywhere within no time.

For bongs, you need special equipment like a pipe. What a pipe does is that it separates the active ingredient from the rest of the mixture. Thus it has a higher potency, and a small amount can go a long way. With bongs, you are also safe from the smoke that might harm your lungs, unlike joints.

Having it in the form of blunts is also possible but is not followed much because of the other options available which are much more convenient and safer. With blunts, you slice open a cigarette and mix some marijuana with the tobacco present.

Using vaporizer has recently gotten famous amongst the youngsters. It is considered safe yet delivering a very concentrated solution. THC is the active ingredient in marijuana which is mixed with a lot of impurities. What a vaporizer does is that it extracts the active component and stores it with the water vapor which can be inhaled.

Another familiar way of ingesting cannabis is by eating it. You might have heard of pot brownies or other such edibles. A small amount of marijuana is mixed while making the usual brownies. This, however, possesses a high risk of overdose because the effects are not felt immediately, preferably the oral route takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour for the drug to kick in. Thus, an individual can make more than his body can resist which result in adverse effects.

Things you should be aware of while taking weed

As such marijuana intake is not a contraindication in any medical condition, however, the effects of marijuana can put you into unwanted situations, so it is advisable to take it with caution. Know your body type and resistance, make sure you don’t overdose on marijuana or else you will end up In a very unpleasant position with vomiting and hallucinations.

Moreover, be aware of your surroundings. Don’t take it while driving or while doing any act which may affect other people. Take it in moderation so that you are still conscious enough to judge surroundings and act accordingly. Remember, too much of anything is wrong!

Lastly, do your research well and know if marijuana is legal in your country or not. Even though many states have started legalizing the use of marijuana, but if not, it can lead to severe punishments by law especially when you are the seller

Weight Conversions

Now let’s get to the central part, conversions! We understand that the different conversion systems and units al around the world might confuse you, and this is taken advantage off by the seller to give you less for the amount that you are paying. Thus, you should be very well versed in the basic unit conversions and the terminology used to weigh cannabis. So, first, we will talk about the most used units for weed worldwide, followed by some basic conversions.

Two of the most common systems followed all around the world are the imperial system and metric system. For weed conversions, the metric system is preferred as it is merely having the base unit of a gram. The reason why the imperial system is not very popular is because of its basic units. For example, due to the high potency of marijuana, the pound would be a considerable amount to buy. Thus, the sellers and the buyers focus more on small amounts that are required more often. However, we will talk about pounds and kilos too, so that given a situation, you know it very well how much it is about grams.


This is the most commonly used unit and is known worldwide. It is the smallest amount of weed that you can get. It will last up to a few clouds of smoke, however, to get a synergic effect, people often use it with tobacco in the form of blunt.


Eight refers to 3.5 grams of marijuana. This unit is used by people who smoke in routine. Though you might also come across the term of half eights or sixteenth, as the fraction says, it will be 1.75 grams of weed.


Again, as the fraction indicates, its double of an eight which equals 7 grams of marijuana, people also call it as the ‘quad.’ Now, this is a vast amount that mostly heavy stoners use though it is not very much advisable.


Half Is double of a quarter, which equals 14 grams of marijuana. This much of an amount is usually not bought by an individual for himself. Instead, it’s a group since half is pretty much of a big deal and is expensive too!


Ounce is just a double of a HALF. It may also be known as an O, which equals 28 grams.


16 ounces make a pound (448 grams), and we are pretty sure no individual will ever get this much for himself! It is never a good decision to buy a pound of weed. No matter how fancy it may sound, it will soon go stale.

1 pound = 16 ounces = 448 grams


Conversion for this is pretty simple as we have been doing this since grade 1.

1000 grams equals 1 kilogram.

Now for beginners, we would like to make things simpler. As they are new to buying marijuana, they might not be well versed in the possible conversions of these units into joints. So here is a list which simplifies the number of joints that you can make with the amount/weight of weed that you bought.

  • An eight which is 3.5 grams can make up to 7 joints
  • A quarter, just like the ratio states can make up to 14 joints
  • An ounce will make you 56 joints (now you see why we said that the amount is huge!)
  • A pound (which we hope you don’t get the need to use) can make up to 896 joints! Enough to get the entire neighborhood high

Measuring cannabis is not very hard but it very important to know the exact amount especially when you are ingesting it with edibles. Large platform scales have been known to be the best method to measure ounces and pounds (units most used in baking/ cooking). Stealth scales are used for smaller quantities like grams and ounces, which can easily be bought online and is very handy especially if you are a regular smoker. The accuracy that you should keep in mind while buying it should be to a decimal place ( for example 0.1), this ensures the precision and value for money.  

Payment Terminology

Dimes nickels and dubs are the three terms used for payments. Nickels being the smallest number cost for $5 followed by dimes which is a $10 and dubs, being the highest at $20.

On average, a gram of weed costs around $10.76 in New York City, $18.08 in Washington and $7.58 in Seattle. Now, this might give you an idea of how expensive it can get if you consume it in routine. Thus it is vital for you to know conversions to avoid small discrepancies that might prove burdensome on your pocket. Also, it is not appreciated to rely on your eyes to estimate the weight. We are talking about minimal amounts here so more precision means more saving. Investing on a small scale to give you these readings will be a smart move on your side.

This article was drafted to target the most frequent problems faced by the buyer, especially the newcomers. Hope it answered all the basic questions. So, enjoy your cannabis but always remember to be safe!

Article source: Guidancepa.com


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