What is the importance of an advance directive in our life?

The advance directive isn’t only specific for old age people (everyone can make this legal document if who is above 18 years old).

Here you need to know that a medical emergency can leave you too ill to make your decisions yourself. 

Whether you are not sick now, planning for health care directive is a vital step toward ensuring that you get the medical treatment you would need, when you are not able to make the decision your own. 

Numerous Americans experience few questions about medicinal care but they may unable to make right decisions, such as, in a serious medical situation or at the end of life when you are near to death.

In this article, we will clarify the kinds of choices or decisions that may need to make in such circumstances. 

It can assist you in thinking who would choose to prepare for the right choices for you when you would incapable to make them yourself.

We will also discuss the ways to share your desires & wishes to other people and how you would decide may reduce the burden of your family member, loved ones and friends.

Decisions That Possibly will come up

Sometimes decisions are made for serious conditions and emergency treatments to keep you alive Specialists often use a few mechanical and artificial methods to perform this. Several choices that possibly may classify with:

  • Usage of Ventilator
  • Artificial nutrition usage such as feeding tube, and artificial hydration (fluids, IV or intravenous,)
  • CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation)
  • Comfort care

Ventilator use-

Ventilators are the medial machines that help to balance heartbeat. One specific tube is connected with the ventilator that is put through the throat into the trachea (windpipe), so the machine can help to provide air into the lungs.

While if the tube putting down form the throat is called intubation.  As the tube is not comfortable, often specialists prefer to use medicines to keep you sedated while on a ventilator.

If you want to use a ventilator for a long time, a health specialist may perform a tracheotomy or “trach.”

While in serious cases or during bedside surgery, the tube is interleaved directly into the trachea via a hole in the neck. For long term process, a trach is progressively agreeable, and sedation isn’t required.

Artificial nutrition and hydration-

If you are unable to eat, the doctor used the fed tube that is pass-through via the nose to your stomach. If the patient required that tube for the period, a nourishing tube might be carefully embedded directly into the stomach.

Hand feeding (also called helped oral feeding) is a substitute for a feeding tube. This methodology may have less risky, particularly for patients with dementia. If you are unable to drink, the hospital may provide you IV fluids.

These interact via a thin plastic tube into a vein. Both can be helpful if you are getting your strength back from an illness. 

While few studies prescribed that artificial nutrition and hydration may be harmful if the patient’s body are not using the food correctly.


Cardiopulmonary resuscitation help to regenerate your heartbeat if you’re life-threatening is in an abnormal rhythm or heart stops. It includes repetitively pushing on the chest with artificial forces and putting air into the lungs with artificial forces.

This power has quite strong qualities, Sometimes health specialist uses electric shocks (also called defibrillation), and meds may also use as a part of the procedure.

The study shows that the heart of a young person might usually beat after CPR. Experts say that Sometimes CPR does not work effectively in older people who have many chronic illnesses or who are poor in health.

Comfort care-

Comfort care help to relieve suffering while you are staying in line with desires and wishes. It may include; preventive medical testing; providing medication for nausea, or constipation, pain, and anxiety.

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