Electronic Scooters

If getting around by yourself can be a challenge, you might want to consider the freedom and mobility that an electric scooter might be able to provide for you. If being independent is an important part of your life, there are many electric mobility scooter options on the market right now that can fit your needs and lifestyle.

Electric mobility scooters are different from electric wheelchairs in a few ways. Electric scooters can have two, three, or four wheels, will usually feature handlebars, may have a seat that swivels or pivots for easy access, and are run by rechargeable batteries. Users of scooters usually have good balance and are able to use one or both hands for steering the scooter. Scooters tend to be a little larger than wheelchairs, and are not always fold-able. While wheelchairs are a better choice for someone who has difficulty walking or standing on their own, electric scooters are better suited by people who can walk several steps on their own, stand, and sit upright without support.

two wheel electric scooterTwo-wheeled electric scooters come in two main varieties. One looks a little like a moped or a small motorcycle, where the rider straddles the scooter and sits on a seat, controlling the scooter by turning the handlebars. The other kind of two-wheel scooter is operated in a standing fashion, and feature an upright handlebar control, similar to a Segway.

three wheeled scooterThree-wheeled electric scooters can often be more stable and easier to maneuver than two-wheeled models, and are more suited towards indoor use. They often have stronger frames and wider tires than two-wheeled scooters, making them easier to ride, and providing users with less worry about tipping or leaning over, as two-wheeled models are likely to do.

four wheeled scooterFour-wheeled electric scooters are the most stable scooter choice. Those with any concern about their balance would be well served by a four-wheel scooter, as they are the least likely to tip over. However, with the additional ruggedness and stability of a four-wheel model comes a tradeoff in reduced maneuverability and added weight. Four-wheel scooters are also more difficult to transport than two- and three-wheel models.

Choosing an electric scooter is about finding a balance between your mobility needs and your comfort level in operating and maneuvering the different models of scooter on the market. It can be helpful to try out different models before finding one that fits all of your needs.